Choosing a fragment of life to use as an
“object of wisdom and desire”
to be transformed into art,

the performance artist acts
like a “LICHTMASCHINE” (“light machine” = generator)
to create the sparks, energy, electricity – this requires
skill, experience and the utmost of concentration …
like compressing a piece of coal into a diamond …

… to create art is like running an engine: air = inspiration,
petrol =fragments of life/flux which are chosen by the artist
as “object of wisdom and desire” and the spark from the artist
as Lichtmaschine – the skill is to keep the right balance, keeping
the compression of the engine and tune it for performance (!).

Keike Twisselmann, Belfast, 2016

Lichtmaschine performance, Belfast 2017

Lichtmaschine MZ racing as performance art and drawing, 2012